With the increased interest in health and fitness, many people are looking for an alternative to drinking endless tea or coffee and fizzy drinks at work. Why not provide a Drinking Water Cooler from Fosters. We have two freestanding models and a countertop version for those workplaces short on space. 

According to the National Hydration Council, Not only can staying hydrated help to improve our work productivity, helping us to perform better
mentally and physically, it can also help to offset potential safety risks. See the Factsheet from the NHC for more information on the importance of staying hydrated at work.

Our drinking water coolers allow easy access to refreshingly cool water. The countertop direct chill water cooler is neat and compact – a great choice for outlets where space is at a premium. We also offer a practical yet stylish range of floor standing water coolers including the standard water cooler and direct chill water cooler which keeps water chilled to +8/+10°C.

Key Features

  • New ‘smartphone style’ touch sensitive hidden-until-lit control panel with unique high visibility temperature display combines sophistication with functionality
  • All-new ergonomic door and handle design for ease of opening and cleaning
  • Designed using high technology: ‘Fluid Food-Fresh Dynamics’ modelling, the new and improved advanced Foster Circulair II air distribution system maximises efficient operation even when shelves are fully loaded.

To learn more about the Gastronorm Roll-ins, please give us a call on 01629 583835.